Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

While BB King is in hospice care, three of his eleven surviving children were in court last week trying to wrest the dying man’s power of attorney from his long time manager.  The court found that there was no evidence to support the family members’ claims of physical neglect or misuse of funds.  The judge further stated that Mr. King is competent and can make his own decisions to change his care providers if he desires.

Several points:

1.  This seems like a battle with little at stake for the family because the power of attorney will cease to be effective upon Mr. King’s death. Essentially, his children are incurring large legal bills for control of his affairs for the next two weeks.   

2.  Even appropriate planning, such as implementing financial and health care powers of attorney, cannot prevent disputes among family members when money is involved. 

3.  With eleven surviving children, and four deceased children, I suspect that the administration of his estate will be neither quick nor smooth.