Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This Explains Vegemite

In Australia, a man who was despondent after his wife left him drafted a text message to his brother saying that he wanted his brother and nephew to keep all that he had, told him where his cash was stashed, and provided the PIN to his bank accounts, then signed it “my will.”  He did not send the message.  After the man killed himself, a friend found the unsent message.  A court has admitted the text message as the will of the deceased man.  

A few points:

1.  Although digital wills are around the corner, this would not work in Ohio because it was not witnessed nor signed.

2.  Unsent?  I find that similar to an unsigned will - there is not enough proof that this is his intent.

3.  A court in Australia previously held that a will typed on an iPhone was valid.

4.  At this rate, Australian courts will soon declare wills written with all emojis as valid. 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Who Wants Flowers When You Are Dead? Nobody."

Lamont Buchanan, the reputed role model for the second greatest fictional character of all-time (Holden Caufield of “Catcher in the Rye”) died without a will two years ago. A woman claiming to be his long-lost 80 year old niece was located by several heir hunting firms and has now stepped forward and filed documentation to prove that she is his closest living kin. Buchanan was an author who lived in an NYC rent controlled apartment and essentially stopped working in the mid-50's. His estate is valued at $15 million.
A few points:
1. A childless widower worth $15 million should take the time and splurge on legal fees to prepare a will so his fortune ends up with those charities or people important to him rather than defaulting to a woman who was unaware of his death.
2. After estate taxes, a $15 million estate in NY is worth $10 million.
3. Perhaps the owners of his rent controlled apartment should share in his estate because the mandatory low rents likely contributed to his accumulated wealth.
4. It would be ironic if the woman claiming to be Buchanan’s niece is a phony.
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The King of Cruelty

When unfunny comedian, Jerry Lewis, died last month, he was survived by 5 sons from his first marriage, his second wife (SanDee, a former Vegas dancer 25 years younger than him), and a daughter from his second marriage.
His 2012 will left his entire estate to his wife and daughter. He purposefully excluded his six sons (including his son who died of a heroin overdose in 2009) and their descendants. Lewis' sons had long accused him of treating them cruelly with the deceased son claiming that he had beaten them viciously. When that son died in 2009, Lewis refused to pay for his funeral. Lewis is reportedly only worth several million dollars, but the value of his estate is in the movie rights he owns to his movies.
Several minor points:
1. Lewis was not obligated to leave anything to his sons.
2. It was smart of him to specifically exclude the descendants of the deceased son so someone cannot try to claim part of the estate by alleging to be an illegitimate grandchild.
3. I would have taken the under on an allegedly cruel man remaining married to a Vegas dancer with two capital letters in her name for 35 years.

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